Two Cheers for Television


Over at the always innerestin' Wilson Quarterly, James Morris has penned an appreciation of the small screen that's worth reading. A snippet:

When all that good stuff has to sit out the competition, what's left in the wasteland of broadcast TV to keep a discriminating adult from the multiplex? More in the course of a week than you might think. I'm partial to eight shows in particular, and I could easily name several more. As it happens, six of the eight are on much-maligned Fox. But hold the laurel. Fox is also the network on which a line of midgets competed with an elephant to see who could pull a jet plane down an airport runway faster. (For those ashamed to ask: the elephant.)

Note that statement comes after he's vowed not to count premium cable offerings, PBS, and more in evaluating current TV offerings.

"My Favorite Wasteland" here.

Link via Arts & Letters Daily.