Attn, Baltimore-Area Reasonoids: Live Long and Prosper with Ron Bailey on Wed, April 19…


…or at least go here him talk about his great book Liberation Biology: The Moral and Scientific Case for the Biotech Revolution. Details:

When: Wednesday, April 19, 7PM

Where: University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus, Commons Room 331

Directions here.

Questions? Then send mail to

Update: I had mistakenly referred to UM, Baltimore–not the same place. The proper location is University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Apologies for any confusion.

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  1. That’s University of Maryland Baltimore County, not University of Maryland Baltimore.

    SY (UMBC ’77)

  2. Typo alert, “here” for “hear.” Feel free to delete this post if you fix the typo, no biggie.

  3. I keep reading, with frustration, about many meetings/debates/confabs of libertarians/Reasonoids on the east coat. Hey, aren’t there any such creatures out west? If so, why don’t they meet? We did have a fun evening of ideas and beer about a year ago, but I didn’t hear anything since.

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