Reach Out and Tap Someone


Wired reports that AT&T is suing for the return of recently-leaked internal documents detailing how the telecom giant built a special spy-room for the National Security Agency, which sounds as though it housed some kind of ECHELON-style data-mining vacuum-cleaner techonlogy that sifted though large volumes of signals looking for suspicious content.

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  1. Like I said in the other thread on this, anyone that argued that the Administration was only listening to the foreign side of these conversations needs to account for this guy’s testimony.

    Sure, the blogosphere feeds on news dug up by the MSM, but the MSM picks up on things that orginate online too. …and I think this story is likely to get picked up by the MSM soon. …in a couple of weeks maybe.

  2. Echelon is not the brainchild of this organization…

  3. “Echelon is not the brainchild of this organization”

    Which, AT&T or the NSA?

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