The Real Payoff for Job Training Programs (Iowa Edition)


If an unfolding scandal in Iowa is any indication, job-training programs may or may not help low-income folks, low-skill workers, or people trying to shift from one vocation to another. But they definitely help the people who run such programs:

Central Iowa Economic Training Consortium, which contracts with IWD to offer job training in central Iowa, paid $1.8 million in federal money to three executives from July 2003 to December 2005.

According to state records, the company's Chief Executive Officer Ramona Cunningham was paid $795,384 in the last 30 months, making her one of the highest paid public officials in Iowa. Chief Operating Officer John Bargman collected $767,575.

Special Bonus, as reported by the Des Moines Register: "Top officials" in the Hawkeye State blocked a federal probe into over-compensation (the Iowans were spending mostly federal moolah). More here.

Double Special Bonus: Called to account, CEO Cunningham tells legislators that the blame rests with federal and state auditors: "I hate to say this but if there was an issue, they didn't do a very good job," she said, thus bringing chutzpah to the Cheartland.