Cowards, from a Federal Standpoint


Can't see that it hurts to add yet another glimpse of how deranged the national security state has become. A University of Georgia student leaving a campus "pirates vs. ninjas" event was tackled and detained by ATF agents. Sophomore Jeremiah Ransom says intends to file a complaint, but he is lucky he was not seriously injured or even killed by the federal goons:

After being held in investigative detention, [Ransom] was found to have violated no criminal laws and was not arrested.

"It was surreal," Ransom said. "I was jogging from Wesley to Snelling when I heard someone yell 'freeze.'"

Ransom said he thought a friend was playing a joke before he realized officers had guns drawn and pointed at him.

ATF agents had noticed Ransom's suspicious behavior and clothing and gave chase, apprehending him, Williamson said.

"Agents noticed someone wearing a bandanna across the face and acting in a somewhat suspicious manner, peeping around the corner," said ATF special agent in charge Vanessa McLemore.

Ransom was wearing black sweatpants and an athletic T-shirt with one red bandanna covering the bottom half of his face and another covering the top of his head, Williamson said.

"Seeing someone with something across the face, from a federal standpoint—that's not right," McLemore said, explaining why agents believed something to be amiss.

You see, only federal undercover agents ever have any reason to ever obscure their features, they do it when they're play-acting too. From a federal standpoint. Just think if Ransom had been carrying a book bag. A black one.