Bush in Free Fall (Literally)


Forget the prez's poll numbers, which are going down faster than Monica Lewinsky on a White House pizza run.

To see George W. Bush in a literal–albeit animated–free fall, go here (if the chief exec gets caught, nudge him with your cursor). Prepare to spend the rest of the day at this site.

Andrew Jackson may have had to put up with rumors that his pipe-smoking wife was a bigamist, Abe Lincoln was routinely compared to a baboon, and Bill Clinton was accused of serial killing and far worse (e.g., cheating at golf).

But somehow this Bush bit–in the spirit of full disclosure, sent to me by a college friend who still lives with his parents, whose time is arguably less valuable than yours, oh gentle, anonymous readers–seems even more punishing and dismissive than all the calumnies of the past.