How Do You Feel About Immigration?


A new Washington Post-ABC News poll showed that three-quarters of Americans think the government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration. But three in five said they favor providing illegal immigrants who have lived here for years a way to gain legal status and eventual citizenship. The idea received majority support from Democrats, independents and Republicans. One in five Americans embraced the House bill, which includes no guest-worker program and would make felons out of those in this country illegally.

More about yesterday's pro-immigration rallies in DC, New York, Phoenix, and elsewhere here.

The Washington Times puts the total number of marchers nationwide yesterday at "more than a million" and says "Protests provide boost to Democrats."

That last point strikes me as pretty debatable–and not simply because there's a vast majority of Americans against illegal immigration. More important, to the extent these immigration rallies will be effective at reshaping the public debate (especially on questions of guest worker programs and amnesty/citizenship for current illegals) it will be precisely because they are seen as non-partisan (this despite the lurking presence of the Service Employees International Union, a pro-Dem group).