Prattling Prognisticators Ahoy! (Gillespie on Radio Right Now)


I'm doing my weekly penance on the radio show Battle Line with Alan Nathan. Other guests include Tony Blankley of the Wash Times, Kathy Antrim of the SF Examiner, and/or Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform.

Listen online here.

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  1. In excogitating upon a plethora of topics through which a claim is ostended that in my view is an abomination of reasonable dialogue, which by another token is reciprocated via the same courtesy which you’re extending unto others, then how can we by virtue of the ocular evidence stand against the temerity, audacity and lack of fortitude, if you will, even a tendency which by that very act and by that very sentiment is often inferred, from the lowest common denominating perspective, which is somehow analogous to a myth of equivanency that is in and of itself dispositive, is that arbitrary locution not without an a priori and not to put too fine a point on it less than sedulous premise forthwith? What say you?

  2. I noticed, Alan, that you have two first names. What’s up wid dat?

  3. Oh. It took me just this long to actually notice the name at the bottom of the nonsensical first-posts.

  4. Eric, what else was there to notice?

  5. Nothing. My eyes never got that far down before I skipped to the first real comment.

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