Churchill vs. Horowitz vs. Humanity


Superman vs. Muhammad Ali it ain't.

Indeed, the much-ballyhooed brouhaha between ersatz Indian Ward "Little Eichmann" Churchill and diminutive former Marxist turned GOP shill David "Left-wing nut turned right-wing nut" Horowitz on Hannity & Colmes doesn't even rise to the theatrics of Dracula vs. Frankenstein, even as the contest robs the audience of any rooting interest (other than for immediate thermonuclear disaster). Indeed, this sort of contest reminds me of the Bonnie Frankin vs. Linda Lavin dream fight a friend of mine cooked up once in the late '70s when asked to imagine a fight-to-the-death in which the audience would be rooting for both participants to lose in the first round.

But here's a partial transcript, for future use in Gitmo on detainees. And go here for video.

A while ago (2003), Reason's Jesse Walker argued convincingly that Horowitz's jihad for an "academic bill of rights" was more likely to "chill speech than to encourage it." Read all about it here. And check out Horo's reply and Jesse's backatcha here.

Ward Churchill plagiarism charges here.

Say what you will about Frankenstein, he was one monster who looked good in a sportscoat.