Mycoherbicide Mania!


The good guys at the Drug Policy Alliance are trying to hip right-thinking Americans to the latest buzz-harshing legislation in Washington, D.C.:

Congress is considering a drug war idea so bad that even Drug Czar John Walters is against it. The House has authorized, and the Senate is considering, a proposal to revive research on the use of toxic, mold-like fungi called mycoherbicides to kill drug crops in other countries….

Mycoherbicides have already been extensively studied over the last thirty years—and the results make it clear that they are not an option for controlling crops of coca or opium poppies. They attack indiscriminately, destroying fruit and vegetable crops, causing open sores and feminization in reptiles and other animals, and sickening humans as well. The toxins mycoherbicides produce contaminate soil for years, so that nothing can grow where they have been. Mycoherbicides are so destructive that governments have even stockpiled them as weapons!

Now, as much as I'd like to live in a world finally free of fruits and vegetables and populated only by oozing girlie-lizards and sickened humans, I'd rather see that utopia come about through some sort of "magic nano" spray gone awry, not as an extension of the drug war.

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