Fear of a Black Hat, or, I See 'Dem Too


Jack Abramoff, what have you done? Angry at sartorial profiling by the NYPD, Borough Park's Hasidic community shows that the real Jewish drug is rage.

Though the Borough Park demos have calmed down, the cops and the Hasidim have a troubled history.

Stephen I. Weiss explains the difference between a Jewish "protest" and a Black "riot."

John Gilmore sends in some historic examples of fightin', ass-whuppin' Hasids.

White Foragers Report Threat Of Black Looters.

My favorite Hasidim joke.

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  1. I blame the lack of good role models.

  2. interesting to see if there any differences in knee-jerk opinions among our peanut gallery between the McKinney case and this.

    (there is another possibility: people in the neighborhood just saw “Stranger Among Us”)

    it’s one of those days.

  3. The police said the situation began around 6:30 p.m. when officers pulled over the man, identified by neighbors as Arthur Schick, for talking on his cellphone while driving on 16th Avenue at 47th Street in Borough Park.

    This seems to be a textbook case of how the oceanic morass of nanny-state laws that this country has seen fit to enact leads to all kinds of police incidents and abuses of power that go well beyond what you’d ostensibly expect from the enforcement of such laws. Had the cops spotted the suspect-in-question yakking on his cell phone before the state of New York chose to pass a law protecting him from doing so, they would’ve been spared the mini-riot from the black hat set.

  4. What does my bad behavior have to do with this?

  5. G-d, I almost prefer primitive anti-Semitism to this aren’t-Jews-cute-when-they’re mad stuff. Having been nearly killed by a moron who was yacking on his cell phone while driving, I say throw Mr. earlocks in jail and throw the key away.

  6. Hey: this harp knows his early-’90s media- environment!

    The “Brand Nubian” char was my fave

  7. Eric II,

    A story I saw said that he wasn’t pulled over for talking on a cell phone, but was sitting at a red light talking on a cell phone. When the light turned green and he remained stopped there in the street, on his phone, they went up to the car.

  8. hundreds of protesters surrounded a police station house, chanted “No justice no peace,”

    That’s No Jesus No Peace, you plagiaristic deicidists!

  9. Eric II: The cops were not protecting the imbecile who thought that he could drive and talk at a cell phone at the same time (Hey!! Watch me juggle chainsaws while I shave!!) They were protectign the innocent bystanders that might get into the erratic path of his car.

    A car is a deadly weapon, and when you get on top of it, you must accept the restrictions that are put on those who use deadly weapons.

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