My Brain Made Me Do It


Over at, Rebecca Goldin rips into ABC's incredibly lame coverage of anti-porn activism:

In one of the most biased pieces on pornography we've seen by the mainstream media, ABC says that some activists are "raising funds for high-tech brain research that they hope will fuel lawsuits against porn magnates," and then quotes one activist who says "we'll demonstrate in the not-too-distant future the actual physical harm that pornography causes." They leave this scientific question dangling before the reader, as an assured reality that a link will be found given funding for the high-tech research. The main expert quoted to support the view that "you're damaging your brain" by consuming porn is… (drum roll) an auto executive.

Throughout the ABC piece, activists argue that porn is not only dangerous, but powerfully addictive—so much so that we can't possibly expect men to resist its pull without federal help. The evidence? They're still hashing that out. But as a self-described former porn "addict" explains:

"Sometimes it's not a matter of free will…It's a matter of invasion."