Welcome David Weigel!


I'm happy to announce officially what Hit & Run readers already know: David Weigel has joined the staff of Reason as an assistant editor. A D.C.-area-based journo, he's been blogging for the better part of a week and he's already contributed some excellent articles to the mag in the past (such as When Patriots Dissent: Surprise: Standing up to the PATRIOT Act can be good politics and Welcome to the Fun-Free University: The return of in loco parentis is killing student freedom). Go here for a list of more Reason-related scribblings.

Dave graduated from Northwestern a few years ago and has worked for USA Today and Campaigns & Elections. He blogs here. Welcome aboard Dave!

And just so no one is confused: Reason is still looking to expand its staff by hiring an assistant editor. Details here.

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  1. Welcome Dave!

    From a fellow (alas, but former) Fairfax resident. Err Go Mason.

  2. “Reason is still looking to expand its staff by hiring an assistant editor.”

    Suggested prerequisite for this new hire: must know how to repair and continually maintain ?ber-shitty blog comment servers.

  3. Well I volunteer as a squirrel then.

    P.S. Welcome aboard David.

  4. 5 comments in, and not only has Smacky offered to let squirrels suck on her teets, but, yes, ladies and gentlemen, Ken Shultz has expressed his desire to feed off Smacky’s mother-milk.

    I like the direction this one is heading, indeed…

  5. Great, yet another post I can’t read the comments on at work….

  6. Hi David, hope you like the new gig! 🙂

  7. Fools go…

  8. Just giving Dave a taste of the debauchery that he will come to expect on Hit and Run.

    Welcome aboard, Dave. 🙂

  9. Welcome, David!

    (hope that you’re not related to Theo, and if you are, hope your eyebrows are normal, grin!)

    (do you prefer “David” or “Dave”?)

    Smacky et al: oh my! mercy!

  10. Greetings Dave, may you always suckle at the loving teet of Smacky the Squirrel Mother.

  11. Suggested prerequisite for this new hire: must know how to repair and continually maintain ?ber-shitty blog comment servers.

    Um…you really think they blog comment servers?

    I think it’s more likely a small fraction than a plural. It’s probably run off of the same 386 machine that runs the blog itself.

  12. 386 machine

    Whoa, there, whaddaya think we are, NRO? They just now upgraded to a Commodore 128. They’ve got an array of 350 Commodore 1541 floppy drives for the storage.

    BTW, I forgot to say welcome aboard earlier. Welcome aboard, Dave! (Or David, if you ever get around to answering VM’s question above).

  13. I’ll answer to either, but “David” goes on the bylines and official correspondence.

  14. Welcome, David.

    You should know that we have a regular commenter called Dave W. Well, he doesn’t use that name anymore, now he changes it every time he posts, but we still call him Dave W. So, if you come across any comments about how “That Dave W. is such a nut!”, don’t be offended. We almost certainly aren’t referring to you.

  15. Nick Gillespie-Are you looking specifically for op/ed clippings, or will news writing also work?

  16. Dave W.,

    You’re a fucking idiot. Get used to it.

  17. Isn’t that t-e-a-t?

  18. Welcome aboard, David Weigel. So far I like your posts pretty well. It will be interesting to see what libertarianism comes to look like in the post-Bush era. Couple words of advice:

    1. If/when you speak for the interests of big business, be like Sullum, not like Bailey.

    2. Do FOIAs. I keep telling the other writers to do them and they pretend like they can’t hear me. They just don’t want to hear me. FOIAs are the best tool a journalist has to fight government sponsored nonsense. I know FOIAs are hard. I know they are boring. I know they seldom work. Do’em anyway. If you don’t get any new paperwork, then at least you can shine a light on the governments Orwellian FOIA practice and get some FOIA reform that way.

  19. I have no FOIA axe to grind; however, I do know of a free on-line resource for journalists who want to wade into FOIA land. It’s the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press’ How to Use the Federal FOI Act (9th ed.).

    The RCFP has a lot of other materials for journalists, such as information on taping conversations (identifying whether a state is a two-party or one-party authorization state) and a First Amendment Handbook.

    When I was at the EOP, I did a little work for a friend who was working at RCFP and ran across all of these nifty resources.

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