"Soy Ateo, Gracias a Dios"


So said Luis Buñuel, famously, but he might've been less sanguine if he'd seen this study by a team of University of Minnesota sociologists revealing a profound public hostility to atheists in America. Ilya Somin, guest-blogging at Volokh Conspiracy, posts about the findings, and then in a pair of follow-ups considers whether the godless themselves are to blame for their PR problem and why it all matters anyway. Andrew Sullivan had a series of posts on the same topic last week, and both he and Somin mention Eugene Volokh's recent law review article on discrimination against atheists in child custody cases.

Now, I live in the bizarro bubble of D.C. policy/journalism where, at absolute minimum, 90 percent of my social circle is atheist or, for those without the courage of their lack of convictions, agnostic. The situation in Manhattan, where I lived previously, was pretty similar. So I remain happily immune from any effects of this apparently pervasive attitude. But for the heathens among the Reasonoids: How's the situation in the rest of this great land of ours? Any horror stories? Pleasant tales of tolerance?