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I'm not really sure what the import of this is, but Drudge is stirring up a controversy over who broke the DeLay resignation story. Was it Time correspondent Mike Allen, who got the news from DeLay in an exclusive Sugar Land interview, or MSNBC hothead Chris Matthews, who broke into a broadcast claiming he too had gotten the news straight from the disgraced congressman? Was it a Newton/Leibnitz controversy, wherein two parties can reasonably claim to have been the pioneer? I say the newsbreaker is Reason's Dave Weigel, whose headline "Tom DeLay to Seek Lucrative Consulting Job" may not have been first, but was the most accurate. According to Drudge:

This morning, TIME's Mike Allen was interviewed by CNN's Miles O'Brien to discuss his exclusive with DeLay. CNN's O'Brien opened the interview by saying: "Mike Allen, the White House correspondent for TIME magazine broke the story. Glad to have you with us."

Meanwhile, on NBC's "TODAY SHOW," host Katie Couric introduced Matthews during the show's DeLay package by describing the flamboyant cable host as the person "who broke the story." The interview closed with Couric saying "Congratulations on breaking the story." Matthews replied "Thank you very much."

As my mom once answered when asked where my dad was, "Who cares as long as he's gone."

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  1. Reason’s postdate: 10:27 ET.

    Drudge’s postdate: 10:38 ET.

    I believe the technical term is PWN3D.

  2. “As my mom once answered when asked where my dad was, ‘Who cares as long as he’s gone.'”

    TMI, Tim. TMI.

  3. Transporter Chief O’Brien from ST:TNG now works for CNN? What’s the world coming to?

  4. Partial threadjack: I wish I could say the following is a joke; sadly it ain’t. From All Access (a radio industry website):

    KPRC/Houston Offers DeLay Hosting Gig
    TOM DELAY may be leaving Congress under fire, but the controversial politician isn’t without employment options: CLEAR CHANNEL/HOUSTON Regional VP of Programming KEN CHARLES tells ALL ACCESS that he’s offering DELAY a hosting gig at Talk KPRC-A/HOUSTON.

    “While I don?t have a specific shift,” CHARLES says, “I will find one if he accepts. I am unable to discuss specifics of salary but with endorsements he?ll make six figures easily. On a station with RUSH (LIMBAUGH), (SEAN) HANNITY and (MICHAEL) SAVAGE, ?THE HAMMER’ would fit perfectly.

    “Innocent, guilty, I don?t judge and I know it will all work out but I think he has all the tools to be a good local host,” CHARLES says of the embattled former House Majority Leader.

  5. Shouldn’t somebody have said “The hammer has fallen”?

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