If You Can't Change the System, Change Yourself!


That's all Saudi Arabia really needs: more social mobility.

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  1. 1. Yahoo! needs an editor. Either the women “underwent” the surgery or “have undergone” the surgery, NOT “have underwent.” This one earns a $500 ticket from the Grammar Police.”

    2. Response to story: If Michael Jackson really converted to Islam, does he count as a replacement for one of the women?

  2. They’ll never be shaggy enough to pass for true Saudi males.

  3. Could this work for Saudi females?

    Bribe a doctor to certify you are male.
    Actually having the operation smarts, I imagine.
    (My solution, by the way, causes no “dead branches,” nor “unavailable females.”)

  4. There’s no way this could possibly backfire!

  5. I see a whole charity based around this.
    “For 50 cents a day, you can help Abisa get a new penis…”

  6. Figures Michael Jackson converts to the religion where it’s OK to diddle the kiddies.

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