Exporting Pyongyang


I told myself I'd never link something through The New York Times' moronic "Times Select" firewall, but if you've got access through Nexis or one of those pulped-tree versions hanging around John Tierney's column today made me smile:

This is a special edition of "Lou Dobbs Tonight," news, debate and opinion. Live from Pyongyang, North Korea, Lou Dobbs:

Good evening from North Korea. We had to go halfway around the world, but we've finally got good news for the working men and women of America angry about illegal immigration. Tonight you'll hear our exclusive report from the nation that proudly calls itself the Hermit Kingdom.

But first, more bad news from Washington. Despite my personal trip to Cancun for last week's summit meeting, President Bush remains hostage to foreign interests. My soaring ratings apparently mean nothing to the White House or the Senate Republicans working on an amnesty plan for the illegal immigrants now carrying Mexican flags through our streets.

I think someone actually needs to start the "Minutemen Institute of Research Study Analysis."