Gillespie on Radio Right About Now


I'll be on Battle Line with host Alan Nathan and fellow guests Tony Blankley, Grover Norquist, and/or Cathy Antrim in a few minutes.

Listen online here.

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  1. Man I wish I’d seen this earlier, because Nick is kicking ass. “That’s a simplistic view!” Ha!

    Keep up the good work, Nick.

  2. Is it not self-evident that within the parameters in which we’re presently sussing out an accommodation geared toward the assuagement of those aforementioned interested parties-and their numbers are numerous-both within and without the preconceived preconceptions of otherwise unmentionable disinterested interests whose aversion to factitious determination of all the fact in aggregate in a manner which constitutes the throwing out of the baby with the half-full glass, then can we at least concur on the predicated supposition that the ideologues of the left have averred forthwith? What say you?

  3. What say you?

    You’re funnier than Dennis Miller without even tryin’.

  4. Alan Nathan’s picture really creeps me out.

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