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Studio Set To Release Four Muslim Themed Films To A Worldwide Audience

Chatsworth—An independent studio in what is known as the "San Pornando Valley" has announced the completion and imminent worldwide distribution of four Muslim themed adult films.

Although some insiders are calling producer Martin Klaus' direction, the "money shot of an untapped market," the filmmaker insists this is not the usual money motivated smut peddling but instead a serious project of international diplomacy and promotion of world peace.

In a recent interview, Mr. Klaus theorized of an inversely proportional relationship between sexual repression and the maintenance of a peaceful disposition. He explains:

"Sexually active men have much better, and more positive, things to do than hack off heads, blow people up, and generally try to (expletive) things up.

If Muslim men would take off the dresses and bomb belts, rip the veils and panties off their women, then take a little dip in the Zamzam, the world would be a more peaceful place."

The four films ready for release are:

Hardcore Islam

– A love story.

Spring Break In Mecca

– Adventures of three homosexuals all named Mohammed.

Islam Rated XXX

– Brutal graphic violence, explicit deviant sex: A religious documentary.

Medina Ghetto Hoochie Mama

– Nubian street walker and the Muslims who love her