Kill a Christian, Spare a Rooster


The BBC reports:

A cockerel in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan has saved itself from the pot after crowing what its owner claimed was "Allah", the Arabic word for God….Mr Ismatullayev has said that as he put the knife to the cockerel's neck, the bird "screamed" and, on hearing this, his five-year-old son said "dad, it's saying 'Allah, Allah'."

In an intriguing reversal of the Abdul Rahman case, Aslan appears to have gone Muslim as well:

Firdevs Robinson, editor of the BBC's Central Asian service…told BBC World Service's Reporting Religion programme that a lion in Azerbaijan was said to have roared the word "Allah" every time the call to prayer was issued.

"People started queuing up outside the zoo, and it went on for a long while" she added.

The lion was beheaded, however, after someone noticed the Virgin Mary lurking in his mane.

Hear the cock crow here.