Mitt Romney Is Ron Popeil


Over at To the People–and after seeing Mitt R. live and in-person, Baylen Linnekin makes the case that the Massachusetts governor and presidential hopeful is in fact America's No. 1 pitchman:

I was stunned by how he uncannily resembles a slightly younger Ron Popeil, inventor extraordinaire.

And that's even before we consider the fact that both:

*are wealthy capitalists who could sell water to the ocean;

*are captivating speakers;

*don't sell anything I or anyone I know is buying, yet are somehow hugely succesful pitch men at the same time;…

*used to have fewer and grayer hair on their heads than they do now (maybe it's the spray-on hair?)

More here.

And one question: Has Romney ever made chocolate pasta, which Ron Popeil proclaimed a "great dessert pasta" in his beguiling pasta maker infomercial?