Celebrating Narrow-Minded Christians


Apparently a hardy band of 400 embattled Christians huddled in secret at DC's Omni Shoreham Hotel yesterday to bemoan their oppression in modern America. Well, OK, not in secret; after all the beleaguered believers invited Satan's minions–I mean the mainstream press–to cover their event.

As for claims of persecution, never mind that more than 4 out of 5 of their fellow citizens identify themselves as Christian.

In any case, a lot of wonderful testifying went on during the conclave according to one of Satan's major minions, aka the Washington Post. My personal favorite quotation comes from American Family Radio journalist Bill Fancher, who apparently declared, "The media doesn't understand [conservative Christians'] inability to compromise on principles. I don't apologize for being narrow-minded."

Actually, it's perfectly all right for Fancher and friends to be uncompromising and narrow-minded in their personal lives. And they can play pretend that they are a persecuted minority, if that makes them feel better. But what's not all right is for them to try to impose their narrow-minded views on other people. According to my reading of the Constitution, the deal is that if they want to hold fast to their narrow-minded views, they have to allow their fellow citizens to have theirs. As unpleasant as narrow-minded people like Fancher may find it, it's not persecution to have to put up with people who disagree with you.

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