Saddam Clearance Sale


Take a look through the Bully of Baghdad's back pages here. The Operation Iraqi Freedom Document project is releasing 55,000 boxes worth of the erstwhile Iraqi government's documents, making it possible for every slob in a "Who Farted?" t-shirt to get a full dose of the mother of all document dumps. The project, pushed by House Intelligence Chairman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), aims to bring the full power of the open source of the fine-grained detail of the distributed intelligence of the blah blah blah, and war supporters are obviously hoping it will provide evidence for Saddam's ongoing WMD program: Mr. Ray Robison is providing regular updates on that front. The New York Times manages to find a fly in the aluminum tube:

"There's no quality control," said Michael Scheuer, a former Central Intelligence Agency specialist on terrorism. "You'll have guys out there with a smattering of Arabic drawing all kinds of crazy conclusions. Rush Limbaugh will cherry-pick from the right, and Al Franken will cherry-pick from the left."

Because that would be so different from the way things are now.

My question: Who gets that Koran written in Saddam's blood?