Lyn Nofziger, RIP


The Reagan Administration communications director, whose William Conrad-level grooming style looked forward to the dressed-down White House even at the height of the full-windsor-knot eighties, is dead at age 81.

Nofziger's involvement in Governor Reagan's gay-aide scandal.

Medical Marijuana patient Cheryl Heart has to be hospitalized after looking at Nofziger's trademark Mickey Mouse tie.

Nofziger convicted in Wedtech scandal.

Last thoughts of the rumpled flack.

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  1. Wow…can a company really pay bribes to officials through lobbyists, then change management, cooperate with investigators, then sue the lobbyists to get their money back?

    Did they win?

  2. The article says the lawsuit was brought as part of a bankruptcy proceeding, so it probably was done under the laws that allow a trustee to recover “fraudulent transfers” that were made within a certain time period before the bankruptcy was filed. Using corporate funds to pay others to commit illegal acts would be a classic example of the sort of transfer a bankruptcy court would void.

  3. Nofginer’s convinction was overturned on appeal and he was never retried. So, he was not in any meaningful sense of the term “convicted” in the webtech scandal.

  4. The BBC is reporting that Caspar Weinberger just died, too.

    Not to give too much credence to that obituary rule-of-three, but if I were Ed Meese, I’d be getting my affairs in order about now.

  5. Caspar Weinberger also just died. Are we sure this isn’t a Godfather-style rub-out of Reagan staffers?

  6. Damn server squirrels! 🙁

  7. Yeah SR, its the neocon compassionate conservatives mopping up the old Reagan realist guard. I can see CAP Winberger getting into the car for his last ride doing his best Abe Vagoda and saying, “Tell George I always liked him but it was just business.”

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