I'm Takin' My Own Head And Screwin' It On Right And No Guy's Gonna Tell Me That It Ain't


If Harvey Mansfield is so manly, how come he gets his ass kicked by Naomi Wolf (a Yalie, for God's sake!) in this C-SPAN interview? The mutually embarrassing exchange is a real hoot: Wolf attempts a passive-aggressive dismantling of the Manliness author, but since she's about as passive as The Hulk, she partly justifies the description of Amazon reader-reviewer Geraldine Whiteside, who opines:

I saw his interview on C-Span, which was conducted by a college classmate of mine who I find overbearing, negative and angry at all nearly all men. You would have thought the interview was about her (she is a publicity hound who has a book forthcoming).

At the same time, Wolf does pretty credibly make the case that Mansfield's cartoon depiction of contemporary feminism is uninformed by actual familiarity with the beast, or serious reading on the subject. That makes sense, because Harvey, like the captain of the HMS Raging Queen himself, knows that a manly man, um, doesn't notice women. (Lucky for Wolf, Mansfield's heavy, boneless hand remains far from her hot thigh throughout the exchange.)

I haven't read the book (and I'm too manly to listen to some pencil-neck Professor Peepers anyway), but I'm open to arguments in favor of it. So far, though, none of the positive notices have persuaded me it's any more scientific than Real Men Don't Eat Quiche.