Gillespie on Radio Now


I'll be on Alan Nathan's Battle Line program from 3PM to 4PM today, along with Tony Blankley, Grover Norquist, and/or Cathy Antrim.

Listen live here.

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  1. With regard to this significant dichotomy, that in my unambiguous opinion penalizes this laudable effort, but before I go into the solomonic apparatus, I have to enquire about the net result, whether it’s mitigating enough to justify turning our heads away, which is a disingenuous elocution that is not emblematic of the whole discussion, then you’d have to concede that the atrophic arguments, the problem with which was the downside, but to do so in a way that once again leaves us vulnerable, for which you’ve got to be more socratic than this methodology which epitomizes apple/orange distinctions, then how is this dispositive of the appropriate counterveiling disadvantage that would be equally advantageous in re: deciding to allocate enough funds to implement the very notion to which you refer, in the aggregate, thereby making presumptions that are intellectually disingenuous by avoiding discussion of the praiseworthy synchronicity those parties have time and again evinced? What say you?

  2. What say you?

    That’s supposed to be funny, right?

  3. Hopefully Nick can tell alan nathan to shave that ridiculous beard. Mr. Nathan looks like an I.T. worker in the picture on his website.

  4. The first two posts remind me of an old Bob and Ray routine in which a politician gives a bitter resignation speech, and then a commentator comes on and analyzes it:

    “[W]ith some degree of circumlocution, he has couched the nehement vehemence of his address in a periphrastic bit of casuistry …which is para-logistic on the one hand, and incapacious on the other. Indeed, his jeremiad, his frenicity — call it what you will* — can only be accepted for what it is: an atrabilious amphigory.”

    *(This got the biggest laugh.)

  5. I listened for a few minutes, but as I could hear one single complete sentence that was not shouted down by others, I gave up and restarted ‘Black Cadillac’.

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