For the first time ever, libertarians win something


George Mason University, the libertarian mecca often sung in the pages of Reason, advances to the Final Four after edging out University of Connecticut, 86-84, in overtime. You could tell by all those three-pointers that this was a team organized on the wisdom of distributed decision-making rather than central control.

Or maybe not. Anyway, Reason interviews GMU prof Tyler Cowen here and Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith here. A biography of the original George Mason, the most prominent of the anti-federalists and an opponent of the Constitution's slavery compromises, here.

A bittersweet victory for Mike Alissi, former Reason publisher, now a mysterious Adnan Khashoggi-type fixer for the Reason Foundation, and a U Conn alumnus. The battle between his alma mater and America's libertarian oasis briefly set Alissi's Vulcan and human halves at war.