No Pentacles From the Pentagon


The Wiccan pentacle is not among the 38 symbols authorized by The Veteran's Administration for use on grave markers, so the spot reserved for Nevada National Guard Sgt. Patrick Stewart on a Nevada memorial is blank:

Stewart's widow, Roberta, said she will wait until her family's religion—and its five-pointed star enclosed in a circle, with one point facing skyward—is recognized for use on memorials before Stewart's plaque is installed.

Patrick Stewart's dog tags, which Roberta Stewart wears around her neck, carry the word Wiccan on them to identify his religious beliefs. But she said he was never told the Wiccan religion was not officially recognized during his 13 years of military service in different capacities.

"By they way, if you die for your country, your religion won't be recognized, that would be nice to know," Roberta Stewart said.

Via this Sploid write up, which notes that the authorized emblems include "obscure or possibly fictional religions such as Ixumo Taishakyo, Soks Gakkai, Aaronic Order, Seicho-no-ie and Presbyterians."