Court: Smoking Litvaks Can't Keep Local Nannies From Acting Like Athols


Commenter rafuzo notes that the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has thrown out a Superior Court decision against the town of Athol's ban on smoking in private clubs. A suit brought by the American Lithuanian Naturalization Club of Athol contended that the town board of health's prohibition exceeded the Bay State's 2004 ban on workplace smoking. The SJC, however, says the 2004 ban does not preclude additional restrictions by local communities.

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  1. This is a happy decision for Libertarians. It means that smokers in Massachusetts will soon be meeting in private places, in secret, unseen and untaxed. Every new law makes a criminal out of someone and every new criminal is another nail in the coffin of the State.

  2. We may owe a debt of gratitude to the marble headed and pea bodied Athols, as the SJ decision needs must apply to all venues of illicit fumigation ,state troopers should start handcuffing the frankincense perps shortly with an Easter rising to follow when they do.

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