Charlie Sheen, Meet Your New Comrades! (9/11 Conspiracy Freaks Edition)


Via Arts & Letters Daily comes this New York mag article that makes it clear that Charlie Sheen–clearly the Lionel Barrymore of the Estevez acting dynasty–has lots of company in questioning whether 9/11 ever happened (in fact, did the World Trade Center even ever exist before it was supposedly destroyed? look at old maps of Manhattan and you won't even see the Twin Towers listed!).

New York's "The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll" helps you determine your "HOP level"–do you think the feds "let it happen on purpose" or "made it happen on purpose"–and introduces you to Father Frank Morales, a whackjob Catholic priest who makes child-molesting clergy seem normal and who is fond of repeating the dark truth that "Bush and bin Laden have the same banker."

Whole story–including a handy-dandy summary of the major conspiracy theories (e.g. Mossad did it; oilmen did it; Bush and Cheney did it; shrinks did it)–here.