Attn, Denver Reasonoids: You Are Being Summoned This Friday


From mediageek:

Denver Reasonoid Gathering II

The Sequel is only the beginning.

7 PM March 24, this Friday.
Rockbottom Brewery
1001 16th Street #A-100
Denver, CO 80265

Email mediageek if you're interested in attending.

The plan: food, conversation, booze, tobacco, and other things The Man
doesn't like.

NEXT: Booze Beats Soda

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  1. To anyone interested, drop me an email at the hotmail account linked from my username. I don’t check the other address from home.


  2. I’ll be there, no doubt strolling in from work wearing an oppressive/”The Man”-looking, business getup of some sort. (It’s cool, though. I wield no power, and love puppies. Really.)

    Little flyover cowtown Denver seems to be kicking some buttocks in the area of Reasonoid activity, what with a second get-together. I’m not sure if that speaks well of my burg or not.

    And thanks to Mediageek for organizing, and Nick for the publicity.

  3. Sorry to the Bluebonnet Cafe fans, but, heh-heh, that’s democracy for you!! We hope you’ll show up at the Rock Bottom anyway, and if you do we promise to treat you with equal respect and rights to mouth off, even though it’s an established fact that YOU LOST!! We won’t blow up any of your shrines to Bluebonnet Cafedom, really, we’re not like that.

  4. Dizzle.

  5. Interesting. When thoreau had his DC-gathering many months ago, we had it at the Rock Bottom in Bethesda, MD.

    We were certainly a loud, strange bunch. People actually came up to us and asked “Who are you guys?!”

    A weird question to ask individualists..

  6. Question for SR (if he’s still reading this)

    Are you planning on attending?

  7. Yes, sorry, I just hadn’t gotten around to e-mailing you.

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