Replacing Gale Norton


Yesterday the president proposed a replacement for outgoing interior secretary Gale Norton. Jonathan Adler reacts in National Review:

President Bush's selection of Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne to be the next Interior Secretary was not surprising, but it is not particularly encouraging either. As a Senator, Kempthorne was less interested in good legislation than he was in seeing environmental legislation he sponsored pass. As a result he squandered opportunities to advance meaningful reforms. He also pushed an Endangered Species Act Reauthorization bill that served the interests of big business without providing any meaningful protection for private property rights. If he resumes this approach as Interior Secretary, the Bush Administration's outdoors policy is unlikely to improve.

I'm with Adler on this one. Kempthorne's endangered species bill was the subject of the only piece I ever wrote for National Review; it isn't on their website anymore, but you can read it in the Internet Archive. Here's the money quote: "The bill would indeed help certain industries, and the corporate lobbies know it. Several of them—the National Association of Homebuilders, the American Forest and Paper Association, the Building Owners and Managers Association—have heartily endorsed S-1180. But from the perspective of an embattled landowner, the bill is worse than useless: it would actually strengthen the hand of the regulators."

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5 responses to “Replacing Gale Norton

  1. Replace Gale Gordon? What for, I thought they cancelled The Lucy Show years ago.

    Anyway, who could possibly replace him except the guy who played Milton Drysdale? And I’m going to assume he passed on long ago…

  2. Wasn’t there some former Reason Foundation exec who is/was Norton’s Assistant or Deputy Secretary? She would have been a good choice.

  3. Let’s not replace her, and see if the Republic can survive.

  4. I’m surprised that HnR hasn’t mentioned that the acting Head of DoI is none other than Reason’s own “Libertarian Lynn” Scarlett. Even Instapundit linked it. Maybe they were hoping nobody would notice, and Lynn could have a nice long acting head tenure. Sell off all the BLM acreage, maybe?

  5. Apparently, Norton was caught slowing down her SUV when a squirrel ran in front of it.

    Clearly not somebody who’s on the team.

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