I'd Have Found the WMDs If Not For Those Meddling Bloggers


The monstrous Judith Miller is now, both inevitably and unbelievably, blaming her downfall on blogs. Jack Shafer, Miller's own Inspector Javert, is having none of it.

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  1. Tim, Tim, Tim.
    Time and again I have offered my headline writing services.

    “Judy! Judy! Judy!”

  2. Tim, No hard feelings, OK? Here, have a Scooby snack for your efforts.

  3. Normally I believe the word “monster” is overused. Not this time. Goddamn the New York Times for letting her do the damage she did, when they knew better.

  4. “monstrous Judith Miller”?

    As in Cookie Monster?

    Reporters must be cattier than a convention hall full of Hollywood publicists, I swear.

  5. She got the war she wanted…how could she possibly be unhappy?

  6. Aha! I always wondered who forced Miller to give serial rimjobs to Rummy and Chalabi. Now I know–it was those damned bloggers!

    Miller needs somebody to carve “stupid cunt” into her forehead with a wood burner.

  7. Miller needs somebody to carve “stupid cunt” into her forehead with a wood burner.

    …and people wonder why linguist and smacky think there’s anti-woman sentiment at H&R.

  8. “and people wonder why linguist and smacky think there’s anti-woman sentiment at H&R.”

    Hell, I’d suggest the same (“carving stupid cunt”) for the entire staff of the Weekly Standard, male or female.

  9. Jack Schafer:
    Who is this femme, what sort of devil is she
    To make up Iraqi facts and listen to Dick Cheney
    It was her hour at last to raise her reporting rates
    Forget the past and wipe it clean off the slate
    All it would take was a filck of her pen
    Vengance was hers, now she’s on the news at ten

    There is nothing on Earth that we share
    It is either Schafer of Miller

    And can I now allow this chick
    To hold dominion over me
    This desparate bitch whom I have hunted
    She gave me a job
    She gave me paychecks

    I should have watched her wily hand
    As she did write
    It was my right to write as well
    Instead I write but write in hell

    more to come, perhaps

  10. The recently released Iraqi intel documents may go a long way to explaininging the pre-war situation.

    The explanation may not be exactly to your liking.

    BTW with Miller gone who will you blame for the upcoming Iran War?

  11. I suspect that, with 2400 Americans dead, 100,000 or more Iraqis dead, several hundred billion of our dollars spent, out military too overstretched to fight the war that M. Simon so desperately wants other people to go die in, our reputation in tatters, and Osama still running loose because he couldn’t spare the forces to capture him, the American people would probably be just as angry at the people who spread the WMD lies, even if there weren’t weblogs involved.

  12. Oh, I forgot to add to the above list, “…and jihadi-training ground Iraq posing a greater threat to our life and limb than it ever did under Saddam…”

  13. M. Simon: you seriously think that the Administration had possession of documents that exonerated them of the charge of incompetence and manipulating intelligence and they “just couldn’t be bothered to sort them out?” You are taking blind faith to a new level, I think.

    The new documents will show little or nothing. While the OLD documents that are sealed, would show the depths to which the Reagan administration sunk in courting Saddam back in the 80’s. As the saying goes, “We know they have WMD because we have the receipts.”

  14. James,

    Well sure. My attitude is that government is omnipotent except when it is not. Which according to standard Libertarian theory it mostly is not.

    BTW I was a volunteer in the US Navy some time back. I tried volunteering for the latest dust up and was turned down. Said I was too old. Pissed me off. Well you know. Governments have rules.

    I understand your dislike for the war. My advice is to get a hold of Osama and his friends and suggest they cease and desist. Or else. What?

    I’m told them boys – like a certain Austrian corporal – have plans. Written out. And demands. BTW how is your study of Arabic and Sharia coming along? Seeing as how you want to avoid provoking those folks and all. Just give them what they want and it will be peace and flowers all the way. Maybe they are just looking for an invite to San Francisco. Is Carol Doda still “dancing”?

  15. James,

    As for the reciepts – I’m told they are mostly in French, German, and Russian. Fortunately we have plenty of translators for those languages.

    Funny thing is I used to hear all this same stuff when I thought communism was the answer. Strange (or maybe not) that the libs would take up the communist party line on who is causing all the problems in the world.

  16. Anti-woman sentiment? Here? Really? Gosh, I rather like women. Now I will buy into “juvenile” as a characterization of what goes on around here. We go from economic discourse to 12-year old comments on breasts in about two seconds. Even the women are guilty of this. Strange place, really.

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