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Commenters Justin Otis and Little Fyodor are trying to get another Denver-area get-together on. If you might attend, suggest a spot in the comments and we'll do an announcement when y'all have picked somewhere:

Denver Reasonoid Gathering II

The Sequel is only the beginning.
Tentatively scheduled for Friday, March 24th.
Time: Sometime in the evening to whenever.
Location: You decide! (Haven't picked one yet.)

The plan: food, conversation, booze, tobacco, and other things The Man doesn't like.

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  1. Drop me an email at the address linked in my name, and we’ll get organized.

    Also, there’s a thread at Grylliade about it, too.

  2. I don’t know why there is no Saint Patrick’s day related posts. But I am required by the laws of physics to post this link every year

  3. I suggest my ex-hangout, the Blue Bonnet on S. Broadway; good drinks and Mex food, easy access to the freeway, easy parking and bus, and I know all the bartenders. It gets pretty crowded on Friday eves.

  4. .. Mrs. Hobbit and I are planning to shoot up to Denver for the gathering .. let me know where and when ..

    .. any shows or specials in town that weekend??

    .. Hobbit

  5. I’m completely open to suggestions for location. Blue Bonnet sounds good. But then I dig Mexican food.

    As for shows, Fyodor is much more plugged into that scene than I am.

    Though I know he’ll be playing a gig April 15th, iirc.

  6. Perhaps Sputnik’s?

  7. No! The Reason Pillow Girl has gone into hibernation.

  8. I dunno if Sputnik’s has any tables big enough, just booths.

    I think Blue Bonnet’s food is overrated, but I’m fine with it, and it would be a good atmosphere, as long as we could get a big enough table just for us. I don’t mind if we go back to Rock Bottom as it seemed to work fine, but I guess variety is the spice of Reasonoid gatherings. Hey Rick!! Any ideas??

    BTW, my show is actually on the 14th, at Benders. But I’ll keep my antennae attuned for stuff happening on the weekend of the 24th!

  9. I thought Rock Bottom worked well last time, but I’m biased because it’s very convenient for me.

  10. Isn’t there usually a line to get in to the Blue Bonnet?

  11. Hey fyodor!

    I have extended family type obligation that night. Damn, damn, damn it! But I wish great fun to you, mediageek, SR, and all the rest of the Colorado Reasonoids!

  12. Since it’s Monday, I’ll open the floor to alt. suggestions until, say, 1pm (Mountain Time) tomorrow.

    Otherwise, tomorrow I’ll call the Mexican place about a reservation.

  13. The other half said she thought the Blue Bonnett would be too crowded, so I’m firming up my vote for Rock Bottom redux.

  14. Hokay.

    Rock Bottom it is.


  15. .. hokay,

    .. what time??

    .. Hobbit

  16. 7pm

    That should (hopefully) give me enough time to get up there from The Springs.

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