Eminent Domain Notes From All Over


Gov. Bill Owens likely to sign bill (slightly) limiting the condemning powers of private toll road companies, aimed at stopping the controversial "Super Slab" project.

Long Island
Affordable golf for all rich bastards! Wealthy village plans to seize local golf course, open it up to all residents.

New Jersey
Long Branch liquor store owner says city destroyed his million-dollar business. Bound Brook giving minorities the boot. Even humble Camden aims to break up its Cramer Hill neighborhood. State Assembly is considering changes to state seizure laws. The government's idea of fair market value for a 17-room house at the Jersey Shore, by the way, is $140,000.

Stockbridge mayor goes wobbly, may allow local florists to keep their shop.

Eighty-year-old lady about to get rolled by Good Samaritan.

City of Long Beach votes unanimously to condemn Filipino Baptist Church.

Great Outdoors
Just when it looked like Mark Trail might end up showing Scott Bullock sit in some rural courtroom for months, the Walter Pidgeon lookalike villain in the eminent domain storyline finally hatches the kind of violent scheme that will allow Trail to settle this matter with some of that Chuck Norris-style ass-kicking we're accustomed to (although it's pretty clear Bruce Campbell, not Norris, will have to play Mark Trail in the movie):