Dunk Malaria on March 19


Roger Bate of the American Enterprise Institute and Africa Fighting Malaria sends word of a U.N.-backed basketball marathon this Sunday to generate interest in ending malaria. From the official Web site:

On Sunday, March 19th—Take Your Shot Against Malaria

Every year millions of children in Africa die from Malaria–a completely preventable and treatable disease. They need our help! On March 19th join with 99 million people from all over the world and shoot a basket for the children of Africa on Malaria Action Day (MAD). Your shot shows you care and are willing to back up your care with action. The more people who show that they care and are taking action, the more the world will open their eyes to the devastating reality of history's worst killer of children–Malaria. Awareness leads to care–care to action–action to funding–funding to prevention–prevention to health–health to happiness.

African children deserve to be healthy and happy and malaria free! Please help!

Take your shot on any basket anywhere on March 19th to participate…just e-mail us and let us know at dunkmalaria@gmail.com.

More here.

Reason's Ronald Bailey talked about cheap ways to end malaria here.