Congrats To Us…


I'm happy to announce that Reason is a finalist yet again for a Western Publications Association "Maggie" Award in the "Best Politics & Social Issues" category (last year, we took home top honors).

The other nominees include High Country News, Mother Jones, Sierra, and The Advocate.

Details here.

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  1. Like Reason was still by any stretch of the imagination a “western” publication. Still, congrats, yinz.

  2. This Blog Ate My Smiley!

  3. While I’m always glad to see Reason honored for its achievements, I’ve also always found it slightly hypocritical that Reason rushes to congratulate itself for being nominated/winning various awards that most people have never heard of while sneering at the Oscars/Emmys/Pulitzers/etc. While the latter awards obviously aren’t objective measures of quality, they do at least have the cachet of name recognition, which is arguably the most important attribute of an award.

  4. A better headline would be:

    Wake up Maggie, I think I have something to say to you.

  5. Wake up Maggie, I think I have something to say to you.

    Got me thinking about how that intro kinda frames the whole song as a practiced but never delivered soliloquy. Cause if he’d really woken her up, she probably would have punched him in the nose!

  6. fyodor,

    How’bout this un?:

    Ain’t gunna work on Maggie’s farm anymore.

  7. And don’t forget:

    Dirty Maggie Mae, they have taken her away…

  8. What’s the matter, SR, nobody said anything nice to you today?

  9. hmmmmmmmmm shitch in a bucket.

  10. Wait, aren’t the rest of those a bunch of Westy Lefties? Nice to see Reason representin’ us greedy capitalist fuck-pigs.

  11. Good Maggies, NoStar! Except I believe it’s “no more” on the first one, making three grammatical errors in one seven-word sentence! No wonder he had to work on a farm!

    (Dat ain’t serious, no how, y’all…)

  12. Nice to see that I am reading the right e-rags from both sides of the spectrum. The question is who has a worse sense of humor, Reason or Mother Jones?

  13. Kind of anti-climactic after the Playboy shoutout, but congratulations nonetheless.

  14. fyodor,
    Yer right. I wonder what happened to him? Certainly couldn’t make it as a songwriter/singer.

  15. I know I keep you amused but I feel I?m being used

  16. Congratulations.

  17. Cause if he’d really woken her up

    Well, she either would have mother-what-a-lovered him and wore him out, or she would have wrecked his bed and in the morning kicked him in the head.

    That’s the forensic evidence, anyway.

  18. For Maggie, Reason couldn’t have tried any harder.

  19. OHH! i get it. Maggie is the Reason Pillow Girl!

  20. Kudos Reason! You are the best.

    Nice to see Reason representin’ us greedy capitalist pigs.

    Pigs deserve economic liberty too. We all wanna make sure that there are lotsa ways to make money besides stealing our Daddy’s cue and make a living outa playin pool.

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