Blogging While Driving


The Detroit Free Press has published an interesting article about the ways blogs are influencing the automobile industry:

They blast corporate strategy, single out top-level executives for failed projects and provide their own thoughts on what the automakers should do to turn things around. Several of the sites have developed a loyal following with thousands of regular visitors….

Whether the companies like them [or] not, the Internet sites are increasingly pushing information to the public, said David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. They quickly circulate news and ideas about the auto companies.

"There are no secrets," Cole said. "You can't hide anything."

All of which is to the good, though I chortled a bit when I read about the fellow whose site "helps him land consulting jobs in the auto industry." He "declined to give the names of his clients but said it hasn't created a conflict of interest." Hmm—maybe it's not so hard to hide things after all.

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  1. It’s been around longer than blogging, so I don’t know if it counts, but Blue Oval News is a pretty good resource.

  2. I found my next vehicle, if they make it, by way of this auto blog. …check out the forum in the lower left hand corner–it’s full of design guys, enthusiasts and auto dealers.

    …46 mpg, carpool lane eligible in California and a 0-60 comparable to a Boxster, all for less than $17,000! …and the way cool factor comes free?

    Yeah, sure, same with a motorcycle–I don’t care, I want one!

  3. Damn Ken, that kicks ass. I want one two. Wouldn’t give up my motorcycle for it, but why not have both?

  4. Ken,

    Thanks for the link – I want one too! I bet a little aftermarket tuning would get that 0-60 time down comparable to a 911, and with 1.25 G lateral acceleration as well… Not bad.

  5. Oh man, I totally dig that Volkswagen GX3 concept. Of course, given the way people drive around here in DC, an Abrams M1 is probably the most appropriate vehicle, though the gas mileage is a slight problem.

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