Another Sinatra Faces the Final Curtain


In the biggest Sinatra-related flop since the Chairman of the Board's Watertown LP, Cynthia Sinatra, amicable ex-wife of Frank Jr., has been clobbered by Ron Paul (R-TX) in the Republican primary for the Lone Star State's 14th Congressional District. Sinatra, an attorney who campaigned with her ex-husband by her side, had been running as a Bush-style New Republican, attacking Paul for "ignoring what the people need in the district," and promising to bring in more pork than you'd find in a triple helping of Frank Sinatra meatballs. From her site:

If you've taken the time to come to my web site, then you're aware of the lack of support our district receives from our current representation in Washington. It seems that an agenda driven by a personal libertarian philosophy has won out over actual leadership that should represent all of us. We all stood in shock as our Congressman voted against emergency federal funding to help our neighbors, friends and families that were so tragically affected by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We've watched as our Congressman refused to support our troops in Iraq, schools continue to fall behind due to unfunded federal mandates, and our private property rights trampled. It's time for a change. It's time to elect a Congressman that is not afraid to fight to ensure that fellow Texans are not penalized with a heavier tax burden without sacrificing federal services that are crucial to the continuation of our local infrastructure. I believe that our teachers and schools should have the resources necessary so our children are prepared when they go to college. I believe our teachers are under paid… My belief is that government should make life easier for folks, not place obstacles in the way of their progress.

Less publicized were Sinatra's promises of a billion-kilowatt dam construction project and a full pardon for Frank Jr.'s kidnappers.

In the wee, small hours of the morning, Paul was leading with more than 77 percent of the vote.

Paul now faces a general election race against Democrat Shane Sklar, who repeats Sinatra's "do-nothing congressman" talking points but has the advantage of wearing a cowboy hat—a look even the Chairman himself was unable to pull off.