So Where Is Daffy Duck's NAACP Image Award?


Reader Omar Haque sends word that Iranian TV has finally blown the lid off the Jewish plot behind Tom & Jerry. Middle East Media Research Institute has the video. "If you study European history, you will see who was the main power in hoarding money and wealth, in the 19th century," says Professor Hasan Bolkhari (whose affiliation I haven't been able to find). "In most cases, it is the Jews. Perhaps that was one of the reasons which caused Hitler to begin the antisemitic trend, and then the extensive propaganda about the crematoria began… Some of this is true. We do not deny all of it… Watch Schindler's List. Every Jew was forced to wear a yellow star on his clothing. The Jews were degraded and termed 'dirty mice.' Tom and Jerry was made in order to change the Europeans' perception of mice. One of the terms used was 'dirty mice.'"

Haque notes: "It's mindblowing that the only occasion in which an Arab or Persian academic or pundit can acknowledge the reality of the holocaust is within the context of putting forward yet another Zionist conspiracy." Personally, I'm just glad we finally have somebody we can blame for Tom & Jerry. Even as a kid I hated the simpering petulance of the cat and the mouse's smug preciousness—and I hated them more when I realized they were responsible for Hanna-Barbera's vast empire of crap. (Yes, I realize Hanna and Barbera's legacy is mixed and they kept a lot of people working when the studios closed their animation shops; that doesn't mean I have to like it.) Only foreigners like Tom & Jerry, because there's no dialogue—something Hollywood might consider when calculating why its busy, wordy products grab a shrinking share of global audiences.

I wish I could say this is another case where MEMRI is cherry-picking obscure Middle Eastern sources for outrageousness; unfortunately, Bolkhari (who has a surprisingly affable style) seems to have a real credential. (Here he is urging open discussion of drug use and prostitution.) But the schmuck claims Tom & Jerry was a product of the "Jewish Walt Disney Company" rather than its actual studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: He blames one goy when he could have pinned it on two Jews. The weird part of Bolkhari's anti-Semitic theory is that I'd always assumed Bill Hanna was an Arab-American, but he's not in Casey Kasem's hall of fame.

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