Community Policing


A Florida reporter with a hidden camera requested a complaint form from a series of police departments. You can read the results here. My favorite transcript comes from the town of Sea Ranch Lakes:

cop: We don't give you—we don't give you a form. Where do you live?

tester: I don't want to say.

officer: You don't want to say?

tester: Where are you going?

officer: You want to play hardball? We'll play hardball. I want ID.

tester: For what?

officer: I'm asking you for ID right now, that's why. Here, hand it to me. Hand it to me.

tester: Are you kidding me? Here.

officer: I said, hand me your ID. What are you doing here? This is–

tester: I came to ask you how to file a complaint.

officer: This is very suspicious.

tester: Asking how to file a complaint is suspicious?

officer: Why don't you shut up?

officer: I say this is very suspicious, that you pull in here at this time of night–

tester: Eight o'clock?

officer: You're constantly butting in.

tester: I'm constantly butting in?

Mike: Sir, I would like to leave.

officer: I would love it, but he's got your driver's license, so you're just going to have to stay.

Mike: Sir, are you detaining us?

officer: Okay, could I give you a ticket right now for improper backing.

Mike: You can do whatever you want, I suppose.

officer: Okay, that means yes, I guess you're saying, right? And for backing up, correct, yes?

Mike: I was backing up, sir, because I was leaving.

officer: But because I'm a nice guy, okay, I'm going to give you a warning. Is that fair?

Mike: Yes, sir.

officer: Okay.

[Via Wendy McElroy.]