I Presume Peter Singer Is Of Two Minds About This


As capitalism comes to China, so does specialization. The London Telegraph reports from Guo-li-zhuang, a Beijing restaurant with an all-penis menu:

The deer and the Mongolian goat were surprisingly similar: a little stringy, they had the appearance and feel of overcooked squid tentacles. The Xinjiang horse and the donkey, on the other hand, were quite different. Though both came sliced lengthwise, and looked like bacon, the horse was light and fatty, while the donkey had a firm colour and taste. The testicles were slightly crumbly, and tasted better with lashings of the sesame, soy and chilli dips thoughtfully provided.

One speciality, Canadian seal penis, costs a hefty 220 pounds, and requires ordering in advance. Miss Liu confessed that Guo-li-zhuang was an unusual place to work, partly because of her training—she has to recite tales proving the vigour of the animals in question as they are being eaten—and partly because of the interaction with the clientele.