Friday Fun Drunk Link: She's Like Morgan Spurlock & McDonald's, Only for Booze


Reader david sends along news of a BBC documentary called Booze Bird that turns the Super Size Me ideological laserium on glug-glug:

Over eight million Brits drink far more than they should every week. Following the relaxation of the licensing laws in November, Britain's drink problem may get worse.

And so, [Booze Bird] decides to find out whether Britain really does have a drink problem and if so whose fault is it? A mother of three is sent off to give binge drinking a go for a month.

Nicky goes out on the town with a bunch of girls half her age to see what effect drinking has on the body and the mind. And despite her rather heavy hangover, Nicky attempts to find out who is to blame for keeping Britain drinking. Is it the multi-billion pound drinks companies, the Government, or individuals?

Without having seen the doc, I'm guessing they end up blaming Margaret Thatcher somehow.

More, including a Real Video clip of slurred speech, here.

Reason's Kerry Howley brings us up to date on how liberalizing liquor laws has turned out (surprise: all good) here.

Onion "I'm like a chocoholic but for booze" T-shirt here.