Over at ars technica, Ken "Caesar" Fisher comments on the content industry's most recent comments regarding the odious Digital Milennium Copyright Act:

If anyone has any doubts about the content industry's resolve to destroy fair use and usher in new ways of charging you for uses that were previously both free and fair, look no further. As part of the triennial review of the effectiveness of the DMCA, a number of content-related industries have filed a joint reply (PDF) with the government on the effectiveness of the DMCA and the challenges that lay ahead for copyright. As you might expect, the document is a celebration of the DMCA, and the industries are pushing for even more egregious abuses of technology to fatten up their bottom lines.

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Reason Contributing Editor Mike Godwin talked about the DMCA (among other things, the reason that you can't burn copies of DVDs) here and here. And Reason Express (read the latest!) scribe Jeff Taylor weighed in here.