Finger-Lickin' Blasphemy


The London Times reports from Islamabad:

Three people died yesterday as more than 70,000 demonstrators took part in Pakistan's biggest protest against cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Police, who used teargas to disperse mobs that were ransacking franchises of Western shops and fast-food restaurants, were drawn into gun battles in several cities.

An eight-year-old boy was killed in Peshawar when a protester shot into a crowd, and a man was electrocuted in the same northwestern city when a power cable was vandalised by rioters. A 30-year old protester died in hospital in Lahore after being shot….

[A] KFC outlet was set ablaze during violent demonstrations. Although local fast-food franchises are owned and operated by Pakistanis, they have often been targeted as symbols of the West.

The link between Jyllands-Posten and Colonel Sanders is obscure to me, but then I always had trouble with the finer points of theology.

The best comment so far on the cartoon riots comes from a pseudonymous poster at The Comics Curmudgeon: "Who knew some Danish comics would start WWIII? I always assumed it would be Cathy."