Intoonfada: A Government Blinks


A rightwing, anti-immigrant party in Sweden has been planning a new Muhammad cartoon display. The web host for the party's newspaper pulled the plug on its site after "consulting" with the government. The Sweden Democrats now say they have canceled plans to run the cartoons.

Or have they? Here are statements from the paper SD-Kuriren, from editor-in-chief Richard Jomshof, and from Sweden Democrats party chairman Jimmie Akesson, but they're written in some kind of insane gibberish that nobody can read. (Update: Commenter Bramblyspam has a translation, which you can read in the comments section.)

Meanwhile, Jyllands-Posten culture editor Flemming Rose has been sent on indefinite leave after suggesting the paper would print Iranian Holocaust cartoons.

So the struggle goes on, but the countries get more boring. When will Prince Hans-Adam II of the Principality of Liechtenstein make his views known?

Update: Commenter "Dennis" sends in the picture that SD-Kuriren briefly posted on its site. I can't vouch for it but it matches the description of the picture in news accounts:

Wait a second! I recognize that guy. That's not Muhammad, it's Jesus!