Libertarians and the GOP


The real political battle that I hope will be in our future will not be the tired old Republican/conservative versus Democrat/liberal debate. It should be one within the GOP between libertarians and the entrenched Republicans who have forgotten their promises after taking power….

There are facts that support my gut feeling that a lot more libertarian-leaning folks like me are out there than are recognized by the media and politicians.

In a recent Gallup Poll, it was determined that 27% of Americans are conservative, 24% liberal, and 20% libertarian. Since we tend to operate within the GOP, we libertarian 20% tend to be lumped in with the conservatives, which does us a disservice. The poll found that libertarians are the most educated and growing sector of the voting public. We also tend to be more diverse than even the liberals. Yet we are taken for granted in the GOP like the blacks are in the Democratic Party. We have about as much clout within our party as the Log Cabin Republicans, and that needs to change.

From a column written by Ron Hart. Whole thing here.

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