The One Reaction I've Been Waiting For


"The decision of most mainstream media outlets not to reprint or show the controversial cartoons is the right one," says Catholic League president Bill Donohue. "Regrettably, the decision by the media not to offend Muslims is motivated by fear, not ethics. Worse than this by far is the violent reaction, and calls for violence, that have sprung up all over the Muslim world. This is pure barbarism.

"Whenever the Catholic League criticizes a work of art, cartoon, movie or TV show, we are told that (a) we're the intolerant ones (b) what is offensive is in the eye of the beholder (c) art is supposed to make people uncomfortable (d) no one can criticize anything until they have seen it (e) protests have a 'chilling effect' on free speech (f) it's not real anyway, and (g) get over it. So why have Muslims been spared this lecture? Because the extremists in their ranks—and they are not a tiny minority—have shown they may respond with beheadings… Ethics, not fear, should guide the media. As for Muslims offended by the cartoons, they should learn what a civilized response entails."

My tribute to Donohue.