Gillespie on Radio: Live and Self-Censored, Right Now


I'm about to do my weekly radio gig on Battle Line with Alan Nathan, where I'm part of a regular round up of news, etc.

To listen online, go here.

For more information about the host, go here.

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  1. Will Gillespie get to speak?

  2. no!

    next question!

  3. nick just lost it!

    go get ’em, tiger!

  4. School loans are a major area of the federal budget?

  5. I’m convinced Alan Nathan is thumbing through Roget’s thesaurus every time he opens his mouth:

    “If I may just make a small…disquisition before you begin to extemporate, I must patently and dare I say magniloquently aver that one need not be unduly emboldened to assert that there is a phallanx, indeed one may venture to say a veritable quincunx, of individuals who are of the Islamic persuasion who in the aggregate are represented in substantive and increasingly copious magnitudes, which some component parts of our liberal media are most assiduously being unduly scrupulous about avoiding offense to whom, for, in my unassuming opinion, reasons that are representative of their desire to not be accused of effrontery, thereby showing an infinitesimal portion of the manner of audacity that one would expect our free press to display with alacrity so as to justify the magnitude of their own presumptive assumptions, thereto.”

    But I am gonna run out and get a copy of the Bad Breath Bible.

  6. is this station solely supported by health insurance scams, or only mostly?

  7. Alan Nathan is a good example of a poorly educated person’s attempt to make themselves look “intelligent.”

    I have to say that his rather poorly thought out seperation of powers rant was very amusing.

  8. Now they’re into the whole “only America has suffered from terrorist attacks” line of reasoning.

  9. How does Nick look? I would look myself but I don’t have a radio.

  10. if memory serves, nick looks real good…

  11. if memory serves, nick looks real good…

    I don’t know about that, but his wife isn’t all that bad.

  12. >I don’t know about that, but his wife isn’t all that bad.

    yer shittin’ me!

    actually, seeing that ad helped persuade me to post about nick. if reason uses t & a to sell subscriptions i say its editor-in-chief is fair game as a sex object.

  13. if reason uses t & a to sell subscriptions

    Technically, you can’t see any “A.”

  14. Technically, you can’t see any “A.”

    True, but there’s a hint of her quincuncx.

  15. About subscriptions. Does anybody know how to go about gifting Reason to a library?

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