Prophet On the Burning Shore


Let's get one thing clear: We are not all Danes now. If you want to be a Dane, knock yourself out, but I ain't no Dane.

That having been said, bully for the many European papers and websites that are republishing the controversial Jyllands-Posten images of the Prophet Muhammad. If every time the West does anything it creates 100 new suicide bombers, it's only fair that every time the Islamists try and suppress blasphemy they should create 100 new blasphemers. I wanted to repost these a few weeks ago, but there have been so many fakes going around that I wasn't sure I had the right 12. In fact, since some of these seem to have been translated into English, I'm still not totally sure these are the originals, but this is the group that turns up most consistently.

Also included: three extra pics, obviously fakes, that a group of Danish Imams included in a 43-page dossier distributed in the Middle East. With the caveat that any depiction of the Prophet is considered blasphemous, I should point out that the fakes are more crudely offensive, which makes me wonder whether it's still a sin to blaspheme when you're doing it for a higher cause (i.e., getting people mad at infidels)?

In the interest of balance, here's an objection from

Jee thanx again it shows pure ignorance on ur behalf. What if a muslim draws the picture of denmarki president sucking other men's bottom n showing his wife helping him by doing so?? Will that be 'freedom of speech' the so called democracy??? interesting how the west can force its view points on others in the name of democracy act soo low an arrogant n yet r given the excuse of being so called "democratic". shame on u for accepting such low acts n insulting other peoples religion n inflicting pain upon billions of muslims in the world n yet calling it democracy. I wish a muslim publication in denmark print some filthy cartoons of denmarki president n his wife n will see if the democratic president will see that as a 'freedom of speech'.

For the record, if you have pictures of the president of Denmark sucking other men's bottoms, we'll be happy to publish those too. Sexually explicit pictures of Denmark's Crown Princess Mary are even more welcome. In fact, even if you've got pics of Princess Elisabeth sucking a man's bottom, we'll run those just for shock effect. Now dig the cartoons while I kick back with a Tuborg Gold, the golden beer of Danish kings:

And here are the fakes, which raise the question of how fucking retarded the Danish imams must be if they thought these looked like they belonged with the preceding group: